Consulting and analytics

Equifax's consulting and analytics team is available to analyse and support your collection strategy.

Taking data from a provider like Equifax is fairly straightforward. Getting the most out of that data is another story.

Having a team of experts guide your business through the processes, pitfalls and best practices makes easy work of deploying the information – so you can start seeing financial value as early as possible.

Why choose Equifax?

Equifax's team of consultants and analysts are well versed in the handling of debt. They can provide valuable insights into how you can gain value from data.

Amongst a wide range of skills, our team can help to look at:

• ways of making sure you're contacting the right people
• using information to pinpoint key groups of debtors
• using scores and a wide range of credit data to improve your collection strategy
• improving processes to reduce costs or complaints
• determining which cases are right for your in-house collection teams, which need to be outsourced, and which have the best change of litigation success
• establishing a data strategy and roadmap to improve your use of information over time.

We are dedicated to using data and services to improve our customers' collection rates. This is our core objective: if our data is improving your business, we know we're adding value.


To learn how we might be able to help your business, call our consultants. They'll work with you to define your requirements and see what can be done to help your business improve.

"Equifax has given me a much deeper understanding of our target audience. One that lets me determine the right message, predict the right moment and execute a strategy based on facts, not intuiton".

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