Collections strategy

Understand which of your customers are most likely to pay, how much to collect and how.

When a customer misses a payment, what do you do? How do you discover who's made an honest mistake and just needs a reminder, and who's doggedly dodging payments and needs a visit from the bailiffs or a trip to the courts?

Without a structured and effective collections strategy, you may only realise a fraction of what your debtors owe your business. By segmenting your debtors into groups, you can avoid the wasted effort and potential reputational damage that comes with piecemeal collections activity.

Why choose Equifax?

By cross-referencing your records with our data and scorecards, we can help you determine whether each debtor:


  • Is paying defaults elsewhere in the industry and how much
  • Has any previous court activity – satisfied or not
  • Is being pursued for debts by other organisations
  • Is actively chasing any other lines of credit
  • Is likely to repay, become insolvent, or go bankrupt in the future
  • Can't pay their debt to you, or won't.

Armed with that information, you can easily work out who you can collect from with the least fuss, and who will require a bit more effort – allowing you to optimise your collections resources, understand whether a settlement or payment plan is appropriate, how much to set the collection target at for different customers – all focused towards helping you maximising your recovery strategies.


Access Equifax collections management tools online or in batch, send your book to us to process and analyse, or integrate a solution into your own system via secure data feed.

Equifax can provide you with a range of solutions to support your business. This could range from the simple yet effective use of a collections score to providing Single Customer Insight and full credit activity information built into a complex collections strategy.

If you would like to discuss a more tailored approach that's right for your business, call to speak to one of our consultants. They'll work with you to define your unique debt situation and develop a bespoke solution – such as custom scorecards based on your business's own collections policies.

"We've worked with Equifax for many years now and we have been consistently happy with their Debtor Management products and the level of innovation therein."

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