Business Confirm

Gain a more comprehensive view of customer portfolios with one source for business entity verification plus credit risk and marketing data.

Business Confirm provides you access to all government corporate registries in one easy to use service supporting client identification activities such as:

  • Confirm the existence of the Corporation
  • Identify the directors
  • Verify beneficial ownership
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Key Features

  • Take the steps necessary to fulfill "Know Your Customer" regulations and other industry compliance requirements by confirming the business entity and registry information with automated searches of all provincial and federal ministries in a single file submission.
  • Clean-Up your existing portfolio with Business Confirm's batch processing service.
  • Take advantage of Equifax Investigative Services team to perform the client identification on your behalf.
  • Access proprietary credit risk data from the largest business credit risk database in Canada for a better understanding of the financial risk associated with a portfolio of business customers.
  • Obtain exclusive marketing and firmographic data from Canada's largest small business database for internal portfolio evaluation and long-term portfolio success.

How it Works

Business Confirm is accessible through a secure online portal as well as Batch processing services are available.

  • Web based application provides real time searches to all Corporate Government Registries within Canada.
  • In addition to the online portal Business Confirm offers full batch processing service that assists with historic clean-up activities related to your CRM/Account database.

Business Confirm