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Equifax Bank Check Advanced

A comprehensive and versatile service that quickly verifies a customer’s details so you can be assured that bank account numbers are correct and that customers truly are who they say they are.

Key Features

  • Combat fast-growing fraud and meet the new regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce costs by minimising error.
  • Check against trusted data.

Combat fast-growing fraud and meet the new regulatory requirements.

While traditional card fraud is declining, direct debit fraud is on the up, with 41,000 incidents per year predicted by 2013. Equifax Bank Check Advanced allows you to validate details before setting up debits or transferring funds. In addition, the accuracy of verification provided is so high that it may also form part of an Anti-Money Laundering check. Equifax Bank Check Advanced easily integrates into a suite of Equifax AML or fraud services.

Reduce costs by minimising error.

Equifax Bank Check Advanced helps reduce the risk of failed transactions arising from invalid bank details, reducing your administration costs.

Check against trusted data.

Equifax Bank Check Advanced delivers a new level of confidence that your customer is credible. It instantly matches the sort code and account number provided by an applicant to the name and address held by their bank: A quick, painless, process for your customers and complete protection for you.