InterConnect Attribute Navigator

Extend the performance impact of attribution opportunities

Product Overview

Speed attribute creation for greater competitive advantage 

InterConnect Attribute Navigator™ expedites the creation and deployment of attributes to help your business fully leverage differentiated data sources across your risk decisioning and marketing processes.  Designed with an intuitive web-based business user interface, Attribute Navigator speeds the development, testing and execution of attribute rules to strengthen risk assessments, refine strategies and increase overall performance.

By eliminating time consuming dependencies on IT resources, Attribute Navigator creates competitive advantage by streamlining attribution tasks and helps your business:           

  • Increase speed to market
  • Simplify attribute management
  • Strengthen segmenting
  • Leverage new and differentiated data sources
  • Improve risk assessment


InterConnect Attribute Navigator is designed to enable any attribute artifact to be executed against any data source to calculate and return results in a wide range of runtime environments.    By consolidating your attribution process to a single tool, Attribute Navigator creates increased efficiency and streamlines your deployment of attribute updates.  Together with pre-built Advanced Decisioning Attributes, you can gain deeper insight into consumer behavior. 

InterConnect Attribute Navigator helps your business build more consistent credit decisions and drive stronger revenue generation throughout the customer lifecycle.      


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