Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer (KYC)

Client Identification and Screening are two major aspects in ensuring you are compliant with Canada's AML guidelines as set and enforced by FINTRAC. Why should this be a manual and tedious process? Let Equifax lessen the burden and help you save time and money with its core AML solutions.

Are you compliant?

As we know the regulations around AML are often left up to interpretation and are continually evolving and changing. Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss and the cost of non-compliance will not only hurt your organization financially but can have devastating impacts on your organization and its executive's reputation.

Ensure your records are up to date!

Just starting to focus on your AML efforts or you have had a program in place for years; no matter the situation you need to ensure you KYC and your records are up to date past, present and future. With the new guidelines around Enhanced Due Diligence there is even more pressure on organizations to know more about their customers and their business relationships.


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Business Confirm

Gain a more comprehensive view of customer portfolios with one source for business entity verification plus credit risk and marketing data

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eID for AML

A real time, identity verification and knowledge based authentication solution for businesses performing transactions online or over the phone.

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An AML screening and compliance solution that allows banking, financial, and investment organizations reduce risk by actively checking prospects and clients against denied persons lists.

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Compliance Data Centre (CDC)

CDC helps you make sound business decisions by ensuring you "Know Your Customer" and comply with AML legislation.

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Triggers Reveal

Be instantly alerted to changes in your customers' credit profiles so you can respond quickly and appropriately.

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