Verify & Authenticate Identities

Protect your business by proving that you're dealing with real people and businesses.

Whether you're an SME or a multinational corporation, it's your duty to ensure the people you're doing business with are who they claim to be. The growing prevalence of online transactions is making this more difficult every day.

Equifax has the unique data assets and enriched data intelligence you need to ensure peace of mind.

Why choose Equifax?

We can help you:


  • Determine easily and reliably in real time that an identity exists and that the person claiming the identity is genuine, using secret questions based on combinations of data known only to the customer and Equifax
  • Automate your online identity authentication processes, removing the need for paper proofs that can be slow, costly to process and all too easily forged
  • Remove risk and create assurance by using proprietary data to validate information provided by your potential customer
  • Integrate identity verification into your existing systems so it won't interrupt your business's workflow

Equifax understands the balance you need to strike between customer expectations, regulatory requirements and operational efficiency. Our identity verification systems help you make complex decisions quickly and accurately, as well as spotting cases that need specialist attention and routing them to the right people.

Our flexible identity solutions can be delivered using whichever method suits your trading situation and needs.

We can also help you determine the right level of identity verification and authentication for your business, so you can trade safely and securely with appropriate levels of assurance.

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Equifax Progressive Authentication

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