ACA Notifications

Automate your ACA Notifications to employees, ensuring compliance and providing an audit trail

Product Overview

Simplifying the Affordable Care Act

With all the new provisions and changes, most are scratching their heads trying to understand the legislation, its impact on their business, and how they will reduce compliance risks. While this may seem overwhelming, the ACA doesn't have to be complicated. With the right tools and an understanding of the legislation, you can feel confident that you're set up for success to manage the ACA and remain compliant—even as the legislation evolves.


In accordance with the ACA, employers will be legally mandated to inform all current and new employees of their healthcare options moving forward. Without proper preparation, employers may be challenged with individual requests from employees and at risk with audits. To help manage and simplify the numerous requirements that an employer faces, the Equifax Compliance Center portal delivers an automated ACA Marketplace Notification solution.


  • Reduce risk and increase efficiency - We can automate your process, securely delivering new hire notifications with accuracy and timeliness to meet all requirements.  Our unique solution is specifically designed to meet distribution compliance requirements for ACA electronic notifications.
  • Complete audit trail - Through proper record retention and detailed reporting, Compliance Center provides comprehensive audit trail in the case of a follow-up investigation by the DOL.
  • Full ACA solution - Our automated ACA Marketplace Notifications is just one piece of our full ACA Solutions Suite. We offer a complete solution to manage all of your ACA compliance needs including: data and eligibility management, employee communication, exchange management, and IRS communication.



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