ACA Management Platform

Understand the impact. Develop and manage a strategy. Ensure compliance.

Product Overview

How Are You Managing the ACA?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) brings unprecedented changes to workforce planning and management. Changes in both the regulations and your workforce are inevitable, and maintaining compliance with employer mandates will be an ongoing process. The approach you use today may not necessarily be the best approach in the future. How will you adapt to these changes and remain compliant with the regulations?

Equifax Can Help

Our ACA Management Platform relieves you of administrative burdens, helps you determine the ACA's impact on your business, and puts compliance on auto-pilot by addressing the intricacies of the ACA lifecycle such as: 
  • Measuring and tracking eligibility – The system is preconfigured to calculate eligibility based on "hours entitled to payment" and tracks all measurement periods for both new and ongoing employees.
  • Deciding to 'pay or play' – The built-in models help you understand the ACA's impact on your organization and create a sound strategy while identifying potential fines and risks.
  • Communicating eligibility status – Automated reports can be scheduled for internal distribution to different managers or locations, notifying them of potential changes in eligibility status.
  • Reporting to the IRS – The platform gathers, manages, and populates the necessary information to satisfy section 6055 and 6056 reporting requirements.
  • Adapting to changes – The calculations, models, and reports are updated as new provisions are rolled out, minimizing compliance risks.
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