Identity Scan

The first line of defense in detecting potential or known identity theft and fraud risks

Product Overview

Identity Scan provides access to over a dozen, up-to-date, public and proprietary databases to effectively identify potential or known identity theft and fraud risks in real-time.  Identity Scan detects suspicious activity by leveraging data sources such as credit fraud victim alerts, misused Social Security numbers, hot address and phone number lists. Prioritized alerts helps with better segmentation of possible frauds.  Identity Scan helps lenders improve compliance with Red Flag and other legislation that requires identity verification.

New identity screening features include:

  • Additional data sources
  • New alert categories
  • New alerts (e.g., fraud victims, wireless phone numbers, additional address checks)
  • New option to return all applicable alerts based on input
  • Electronic reports vs. paper reports distributed today


Typical input fields required to run Identity Scan include:  Name,  Address, SSN, Telephone Number, and DOB

The returned output is offered via three options:  most severe alert, up to four alert messages, or all alerts (up to 15).