Equifax ConnectSelect

Combines high quality consumer prospect data with a wide range of characteristics to target offers when the time is right.

Key Features

  • Get the latest information on millions of prospective customers
  • Segment prospective customers by current financial status
  • Access a flexible system through your web browser

Get the latest information on millions of prospective customers

With over 40 million records and 350 characteristics, including residency indicators, life stage alerts, purchasing habits and aspirations, demographics and financial performance, Equifax ConnectSelect is one of the most comprehensive prospecting databases in the UK.

Segment prospective customers by financial status

As a credit reference agency, Equifax holds a wealth of financial information about prospective customers in the UK. Equifax ConnectSelect includes our market leading Risk Navigator scoring system, which creates reliable scores that accurately reflect an individual’s credit profile. 

Access flexible data through your web browser

Equifax ConnectSelect is available as a bulk supply or on a one-off project basis to meet the needs of all marketers. The data is easy to integrate into your systems or accessed through a browser using our web-based campaign management and analytics tool, Equifax LifeSite.