Equifax B2BConnect

A powerful prospect database covering UK corporate and non-limited businesses. With 3.4 million records and more than 150 variables for segmentation, you can precisely tailor your campaign to reach the right audience. 

Key Features

  • 3.4 million "marketable" business records
  • Full UK coverage
  • Limited & non-limited businesses
  • Over 150 variables for segmentation
  • Telephone numbers (screened against the Corporate Telephone Preference Service - CTPS - to identify businesses that have opted out of telemarketing)
  • Number of employees available at organisation and site levels
  • Credit pre-screen flags
  • Residential address indicators to identify home-offices
  • Multiple industry classifications, including SIC codes and class codes
  • Corporate linkage information
  • Access to additional decision maker contact names
  • Access to over 250,000 email addresses
  • Continually refreshed with the latest business intelligence
  • Screened to exclude businesses that have ceased trading.

Invest in intelligence

Equifax B2BConnect is a powerful prospect pool covering corporate and non-limited businesses.  Built on Companies House information, Thomson Directories and a wealth of other data sources, Equifax B2B Connect offers a comprehensive and broad foundation on which to base your marketing campaigns. 

Equifax B2BConnect ensures that you only target your marketing at low-risk businesses with long-term opportunities.  Our expertise enables you to pre-screen organisations for their financial status and stability.

Residential address flags help you to communicate the right message to SOHO businesses, whose purchasing habits may differ greatly from SMEs or large companies.  Equifax B2BConnect screens out organisations that have opted out of telemarketing, so your efforts can always be focused where it has the most impact. 

Keep your data in good shape and ready to put to work

Equifax works with you to understand your customer database, improve it and maintain it so that it provides the right intelligence at the right time. We can complete one-off updates or provide periodic reviews on a monthly or quarterly basis, helping you to stay up-to-date with emerging risks and changes in your customers' businesses.

Data Quality Audits:  Having accurate, up-to-date data you can trust is essential for the success of any marekting campaign.  Equifax data quality audits help you find the hidden potential in your data; an audit is the first step in ensuring significant improvement in the effectiveness of your marketing activity.

Database Matching, Cleaning and De-Duplication:  Using our matching expertise, we remove or flag duplicates with your data and highlight those who have changed address, closed down or simple disappeared, along with identifying firms who have opted out of telemarketing calls, through the CTPS. 

Database Enhancement and Profiling:  We extend the depth of your existing data by appending any of the data items within our B2B marketing database.  Our most frequently requested items include:  telephone numbers, industry/SIC codes, email addresses, employee numbers, credit pre-screen bands and decision-maker contacts. 

Align prospect data criteria with your credit control policies

As a leading provider of credit and financial data, we are the perfect partner to help align your prospect data criteria with your credit control policies.  We have all the intelligence needed to pre-screen businesses for their financial status and stability, helping you to identify and contact low-risk businesses with long-term opportunities for profitable growth.