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What is a Credit Score?
Your credit score is a mathematical model designed to predict credit risk, based on data contained within your credit file. Lenders typically review this type of information to determine whether to extend credit, and on what terms. A higher score usually means you pose a lower risk to the lender, who will, in turn, be more likely to offer you favorable interest rates. The information contained in your credit files changes over time and so might any new scores based on your data. For example, your credit score from a month ago may have changed if there has been any recent activity on your credit file. A number of factors can affect your credit score, including:

  1. Payment history
  2. Public records
  3. The length of your credit history
  4. Any new accounts you may have opened
  5. Inquiries into your credit file
  6. How many accounts you have in use

The Equifax Credit Score model — a proprietary formula using the information from your Equifax credit file — is a numerical value ranging from 280-850; the higher the value the lower the credit risk. Third parties may use other credit scoring models to determine creditworthiness, so your actual number could vary when making an application. However, most models consider similar factors and share a common theme — generally, the higher your score, the lower the credit risk.

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