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Archived Webinars:

Unlocking Customer Insights Faster

This webinar was developed to help you better understand the steps your organization can take to integrate more intelligence into your marketing and customer management activities. 

Loss Recovery Strategies in the Current Economic Environment

Senior Manager for Chrysler Financial addresses the challenges and changes facing the collection industry, including positive indicators in the market and their impact on the ability to recover losses.

Understanding Vintages: Not Just for Wine Enthusiasts

Equifax analytical expert compares origination vintages, current portfolio quality, standards and performance, and the value of this consumer data to your credit strategies.

Measuring the Performance of Your Settlement Services Vendors

It is more important than ever for lenders to assess the value and performance of settlement services providers. Representatives from two of the leading mortgage financial institutions in the nation discuss best practices in performance metrics.

Money on the Move Webinar Replay

A demonstration of how Financial Cohorts, a financial-based segmentation system, translates macro-level shifts into actionable household-level insights. This information can be used to improve sales, marketing, customer relationships and risk management efforts.

FEI 2010: A New Front End: The Era of Collaboration

Chris Colson, VP New Product Innovation, will lead the breakout session "Metrics Related to Establishing an Innovation Group within your company.

HVCC Compliance and AMC Utilization

Answers for the mortgage industry about the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) and the use of Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs).

Red Flag and Identity Verification Solutions for Online Account Opening and Lending
Red Flag and Identity Verification Solutions for Online Account
Building Your Fraud Fortress: Best Practices in Online Authentication
Pressured by high fraud rates and recent legislation, today's businesses are recognizing the need for another layer of defense. To help fortify your business against online fraud, listen to an in-depth discussion on the latest authentication strategies to protect you and your customers.

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