Press Contacts

Equifax values the coverage it receives in local, regional, national and international print and broadcast media outlets and strives to accommodate all media representatives in a timely manner. Our executives and managers are available to discuss the company's products, services and policies with media representatives with reasonable notice.

All Equifax staff and field offices follow guidance to contact the Public Relations office in Atlanta before talking to the media. Since the person initially contacted may not be the person who can best discuss the topic of interest, the public relations office will contact the media representative, determine the nature of the inquiry and arrange an interview with the person most knowledgeable in the area.

Equifax Public Relations makes every effort to get back to reporters on the same day he or she calls and to arrange interviews that accommodate deadlines.

Equifax can be both a source and a resource for reporters seeking information in the following areas of expertise:

  • Information solutions
  • Credit Scoring
  • Consumer credit information
  • Credit marketing
  • Predictive behavioral modeling

Tom Carroll
Manager, PR & Communications


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