24 Nov 2011

Equifax Canada and Consumer Intelligence Group create deeper intelligence for marketers

Toronto, ON, November 24, 2011 - Deeper consumer credit segmentation is available to Canadian marketers after an agreement between the Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG) and Equifax Canada through a new, enhanced, online market and consumer analysis tool.

Equifax’s newly updated Neighbourhood View TM product (formerly Aggregated Credit Data) has been integrated into CiG’s intelligent|view and consumer|intel solutions that provide marketer-friendly interpretations of consumer credit information in addition to intelligent|view’s already extensive offering of demographic, media, shopping, travel and many other modules. For the first time marketers and business users are able to include all aspects of consumer profiles into their marketing strategy and tactical decision making.

For years, Equifax’s Neighbourhood View has provided organizations with critical information about the financial behaviour of customers and prospective markets. Now, intelligent|view expands the applications of this information to marketers and other business users by automating the interpretation of the data and then presenting the results in plain actionable language.

“I have worked with Equifax’s neighbourhood level data in the past and found it a very powerful predictor in statistical models,” says Tim Leys, Partner, Sales and Strategy at CiG. “Integration of this data into the intelligent|view gives more businesses and decision-makers access to this powerful information.”

CiG and Equifax have been working closely together for several months to put together this unique offering. Marketers should expect to see several Equifax based intelligent|view modules in the next few weeks.

 “What excites me the most about our partnership with CIG is that it now allows non-financial companies to leverage the predictive power of our consumer credit data to provide a more comprehensive view for their acquisition efforts,” says Nadim Abdo, Vice President, Consulting and Analytic Services, Equifax Canada.  “It also relays the data in a very consumer-friendly manner and makes it easy to understand for the general marketer.”