21 Jun 2012

Equifax Canada bolsters its Enterprise Fraud Management Solution

Toronto, ON, Thursday, June 21, 2012 – Equifax Canada, a leader in fraud prevention and identity verification solutions, announced the launch of Citadel 3.0, the latest version of its premier Enterprise Fraud Management solution.

Enhancements include real-time transaction processing, a multi-sector data model, automated linkage analysis tools, and a proprietary fraud score.

“Over the past few decades, Equifax has helped Canadian organizations save millions of dollars in potential fraud losses,” says Tara Zecevic, Vice President, Technology & Analytical Services, Equifax Canada. “Fraud patterns are an ever moving target. Our clients’ fraud prevention efforts need to be dynamic to keep up with fraudsters’ ever-shifting tactics.

” Citadel 3.0 employs a flexible architecture, when combined with a consortium data model and real-time processing, allows the tool to be used by multiple sectors such as Financial, Telecommunications and Insurance. The fraud score, which leverages rich proprietary data, provides an effective risk ranking tool, enabling investigators to focus their efforts on high risk fraud alerts. The linkage analysis tools provide a holistic and dynamic approach to the detection of organized fraud rings.

 “Citadel 3.0 is the latest agile technology that enables our clients to accurately and reliably identify potential fraud threats,” adds Ms. Zecevic. “This empowers our clients to dedicate more of their resources to business growth.”