Decision360® is how Equifax empowers customer decisions with trusted insight when it is needed most. It is our commitment to help organizations to make insight-driven decisions that not only provide value to their business, but also to their customers. It is embedded in our sales, our operations, our technology, and our solutions across the company.

Our Decision360 approach generates value across and throughout the customer lifecycle with:

  • Insight-Driven Decisions: We empower business decisions with relevant insights about current and prospective customers in a connected view. 

  • Timely Actionable Intelligence: Customers can access the most current, information at the moment they need it most to make confident, timely business decisions. 

  • Maximized Customer Value: Ultimately, this insight helps our customers uncover trends in consumer behavior and act upon the right opportunities with the right customers. 

  • Enhanced Business Efficiency: Customers can apply insights and process improvements that streamline operations and enhance the quality of outputs. 


Decision360 impacts how we approach customers, develop solutions as well as deliver solutions. It means we will be: 

  • Collaborative: We will work with our customers and our business partners to determine what the best solution may be and the best way to deliver that solution. 

  • Adaptive: We will remain flexible and open to working with the challenges that may be presented by the market or a customer. 

  • Complete: We will use our knowledge of both the market and our customers' businesses to deliver deeper, more complete consumer insights.