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Contract Administrator

Why do you enjoy working with Equifax?

The people. I work with an extraordinary team of experienced people who are open to change and are willing to consider and adopt new ideas. No matter what individual job I have held, I always bring my best—that is a part of who I am. I've found that these attributes are appreciated here, more so than at past employers. I also enjoy the challenge. I am in the legal department and in some companies that means a staid environment. Here, we are constantly learning, growing and being exposed to new things. In a given week, I may work on 20 different types of agreements—that keeps the work fresh and interesting.


What attracted you to Equifax?

I was told about the position by a friend of a friend. Equifax came highly recommended and the initial position I came in under was a great fit for my skill set. The position also evolved into two promotions extending my areas of responsibility and growth. What keeps me attracted is the feeling of being a valued contributor, the open, friendly work environment and having a manager who is a true advocate. I also appreciate being offered opportunities for continued growth, such as being asked to participate in Equifax’s Employee Advisory Council during 2008 – 2009.


How do you describe the philosophy of Equifax?

Transforming data into solutions with experienced people and advanced technology. From its inception, Equifax has continually found innovative methods of gathering, maintaining, analyzing and delivering data in ways that consumers and business customers can use to their benefit. To describe it in a word, I’d say Equifax is about quality.