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Senior Director, Technology

Why do you enjoy working with Equifax?

The enjoyment I get from my current role is the dynamic nature of what I do. I can’t recall doing the same thing twice here at Equifax and it is a challenging role. I work with all of the business units. I enjoy visualizing the end result with my partners. I understand the importance of solutions from the consumer perspective as well as from an employee’s perspective. Equifax’s management is supportive of creative initiatives to improve service delivery. The flexible work schedule and telecommuting benefits are just some of the reasons why I enjoy working for Equifax.


What attracted you to Equifax?

I came from technology in the healthcare services industry so Equifax was attractive to me as they were entering into successful solutions delivery ideas. I felt as though I could assist with the strategic solutioning from my previous experience.


What is your favorite benefit to working with Equifax?

My favorite benefit is the brand of Equifax. I do not know anyone who does not know who Equifax is. The company has done a great job of protecting the brand and ensuring quality.


What do you consider to be the organization's strength?

The loyalty to the brand and commitment to our customers is definitely our strength.