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Regional Compensation Director

Why do you enjoy working with Equifax?

There are many reasons but mostly, Equifax has a culture of continuous improvement and change. I am challenged by the change and am excited to be part of the solutions that come out of the change. You can feel the excitement of innovation in the language of the people.


What attracted you to Equifax?

Before I came to Equifax, I was a consultant in a multi-national company. I was a consultant for six different countries and was looking for a change. Equifax proposed a new challenge to me with new growth and expansion all over the world. I felt that this was very interesting and exciting and found the offer really attractive. 


How do you describe the philosophy of Equifax? 

The relationships with our customers and our employees are just as important as the work that we do. We are a strong customer-oriented company dedicated to innovation and results. We need people who can further innovation and change. Our employees have high integrity to protect the work that we do. Integrity is a large part of our philosophy.