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Director of Public Relations

Why do you enjoy working with Equifax?

I joined Equifax to build the public relations function and support the marketing efforts for the company’s growing online consumer business – Personal Information Solutions.

I enjoy working at Equifax because every day I have the opportunity to help change the way consumers view the company, as well as the credit industry. I’m encouraged to help move the company forward to uncharted areas like social media and social marketing. 


What attracted you to Equifax?

The heritage of innovation and leadership—Equifax is largely recognized as the most trusted and respected name in credit and has a long history. The unwavering commitment to using innovation to provide business customers and consumers with products that will improve the way they do business or live their lives.


Can you describe the work environment?

Collaborative, challenging, rewarding. It is not uncommon for me to work with product marketing, internal communications, operations, customer care, legal and IT all in the same day!

We are all contributors to each other's work and there are many opportunities for collaboration, for ideas to be exchanged, to make bold decisions and to feel like you are a contributor to the success of not only your business unit, but the entire company.


What advice would you give to someone who is considering Equifax for their next employment opportunity?

If you are looking to work for an organization that is a global leader in its industry, a trusted resource for its customers, one that embraces innovation and values the contributions of its employees, consider Equifax.